November 5, 2011

The Brightess Stars

Months before December arrived a wonderful friend of mine purchased two tickets to
The Canadian Tenors.
Her husband is not exactly the type to listen to this genre of music without being forceably subjected.
I became the lucky recipient of the second ticket!
I was estatic! I could not wait!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Tenors!
With Granny and hubby's Grandma both sick and dying in the hospital, my days and thoughts were preoccupied and the concert snuck up on me quickly.
Just a couple days before the concert I had made my final trip to see Granny.
My heart was low and my spirit depressed.
And then I heard angels sing.....

As I cried my way through Hallejuah from the front row, I remembered that everything works out the way God intended it to. He knew I needed these bright stars in my life. He knew just the moment I would need them. He knew months before the concert that on this particular day my heart would need a lift. Praise God that these young men have followed their passion and gifting right to the place I needed them to be. Bless you, boys! Very much anticipating our next meeting!

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